Parents Often Give Fever Meds to Kids Too Soon.

A survey of nearly 1,400 parents revealed that a third would still give their child fever-reducing medication at a temperature below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and half would provide such pharmaceuticals at a temperature below 101.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, one-in-four parents would give their child an additional dose in an effort to keep such a low-grade fever from returning. Pediatrician Dr. Susan Woolford adds, “Some parents may immediately rush to give their kids medicine, but it’s often better to let the fever run its course… Lowering a child’s temperature doesn’t typically help cure their illness any faster. In fact, a low-grade fever helps fight off the infection. There’s also the risk of giving too much medication when it’s not needed, which can have side effects.” University of Michigan, February 2023

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