Your First Visit


You may download and complete our office paperwork from the Patients Menu You will want to bring in a list of medications and the dosage that you may be taking. Dr. Youdeem will take a complete history to find out everything possible about your situation. If this consultation indicates you have a problem amenable to chiropractic care, you will continue on to a physical examination. Dependent on the outcome of the examination, x-rays may be necessary. Further diagnostic procedures may be needed to insure a complete and accurate diagnosis.

Following review of the information collected, Dr. Youdeem will provide you with a complete report of findings (ROF). Your condition may require Dr. Youdeem to give you the ROF on your next visit. The case history, examination and x-ray findings will be fully explained along with the diagnosis (what's wrong), prognosis (will you get better) and specific recommendations for care (how long will it take) . Your condition may require additional or alternate care and referral may be necessary.

Your first visit may seem a little complicated or you may feel that it may take too long. However, the above described steps are necessary in order that we may provide you with the best care possible. We thank you for your understanding and will make every effort possible to have your visits to be a pleasant one with us. We feel your comfort is very important in aiding you a speedy recovery.