Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

1. Headaches
2. Fatigue
3. Tension, neck pain or lower back pain
4. Sleeping problems
5. Irritability or mood swings beyond your control
6. Digestive trouble
7. Allergies and sinus problem

You may be suffering from stress!!


Every day our bodies are abused due to daily life stresses. Stress is an integral part of life and play a role in our productivity, happiness and health. There is a degree of stress necessary for our body to function. The complete absence of any stress results in death.

A person's condition mirrors a lifetime of stresses imposed on their body. You may be experiencing neck pain from sleeping the "wrong" way. Poor posture, falls, accidents and over exertion are all physical stresses which may have caused your vertebrae to subluxate (malfunction) and irritate the nerves. It is this irritation produces dysfunction in your body and causes pain and other symptoms to eventually appear.

Conservative estimates indicate that abnormal stress is the major contributing cause in 75% of all human illnesses. Stress has been implicated in diseases ranging from backaches to headaches, from hypertension to chronic degenerative diseases. Given this fact, one can reason that living with the stresses of the modern world is more hazardous to health than living with almost any other of the publicized threats to human health. For example in this computer era, we may be leading a more sedentary life by sitting at a computer terminal at work or home for hours which produces stress in your lower back. Next you may be performing hundreds of repetitive key strokes which could lead to a conditions termed repetitive stress injury. How far is your nose from your monitor? That can produce stress in your neck and upper back.

We can divide stress into chemical, physical and mental stress. Chemical stress may come from environmental pollution, the side affects of medications or even consumption of certain foods. There is the physical stress on the body that is caused by over exertion, Whiplash injury from a car accident or simply not getting adequate sleep. Every day situation such as being late for work or a severe shock such as death of a loved one can cause mental stress. Compounding all this is the tension cycle, in which mental stress triggers physical stress or vice versa, leading to a downward spiral of health and happiness and an increasingly painful series of symptoms.
Can we escape the sources of stress in our daily lives? Probably not. However, we can take an active role and "undo" what is done to our bodies daily.

Chiropractic is a natural for the treatment of stress and stress related conditions. Stresses usually result in knotted muscles and spinal dysfunction in the neck and back that can cause various symptoms. Chiropractic care helps remove the pressure and stress from the spine by breaking the tension cycle, thus helping to relieve possible stress-related conditions.

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