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Maternal Anxiety Can Cause Low Birth Weight

Science, folklore and common sense have long supported the belief that a pregnant mother's psychological state can influence her unborn baby. This study of 119 pregnant women examined several biological mechanisms by which maternal stress or anxiety may affect the fetus.

The researchers found that anxiety in pregnant women is associated with abnormal blood flow in the uterine arteries. This can result in low birth weight and lead to various health complications for the newborn, including hypertension and heart disease later in life.

See your chiropractor for sound advice on methods of stress control to reduce an expectant mother's anxiety and thus protect her unborn child.


Teixeira JMA, Fisk NM, Glover V. Association between maternal anxiety in pregnancy and increased uterine artery resistance index: Cohort based study. British Medical Journal. Jan. 16, 1999; vol. 318, pp153-57.


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