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Pregnant Or Nursing?

Pregnant or nursing?  Read how Chiropractic care may help your back pain, what nutrition you need for a healthy baby and how breast-feeding may effect your child's future health and more.
During Pregnancy, Don't Forget Chiropractic! Maternal Anxiety Can Cause Low Birth Weight
Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy Too Many Cesarean Sections?
Nursing Mothers Need Extra Folic Acid Miscarriages Linked to Use of Tobacco
Cholesterol: Link Between Mother and Child? Tobacco Residues Found in Fetal Fluids
Avoid Alcohol During Pregnancy Breast-feeding To Prevent Infant Illness
Breast Milk Protects Against Asthma? Regular House Cleaning Can Protect Toddlers from Lead Poisoning
Nutritional Influences During Pregnancy  
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