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How is Exercise Involved?

Most people seek Chiropractic care due to a Neuromusculoskeletal (involving the nerves, muscles, your skeleton or bones and other supporting structures) condition, exercise can play an important role during and after your treatment. Once your symptoms have diminished or alleviate strengthening exercise become important in the management and prevention of future relapse of the condition.

Regardless of the condition for which you are being treated, improving your posture through spinal exercises should be an important part of your fitness regime. Spinal exercises, correctly performed, are some of the best preventative measures one can take to circumvent back disorders. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of a healthier, stronger spine and better functioning nervous system, you will also look and feel better.

Cardiovascular exercise and proper muscles tone promote a healthier person by reducing stress, decreasing the chance of heart disease and preventing future health problems. Please consult Dr. Youdeem or your medical physician before beginning any cardiovascular fitness or any exercise program.


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